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Nast (feat. Method Man) - Trillmatic

We Back….March 4th…LORD….F Y I fuck who run the city.

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Rogue Territory Dk. Stantons
About a year and a half in.
All day.

We’re trying to get the word out that twitter will be used as our main way of communicating to our TINN family.
We figured the best way to motivate you to help us out, is to give away some free stuff. win-win, right?
All you have to do is either follow us on twitter, and if you already do, then just hit reblog on this post. You can do both and get two entries into the contest. (or head over to Facebook and share there to get three entries!)
One winner will be picked from a pool of tumblr reblogs, facebook shares and new twitter followers at the end of this week.
Winner will get a “Murder Paris” T-shirt 
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